Philosophy of Teaching

Moshe Feldenkrais was known for saying: “If you know what you’re doing, you can do what you want.”  I believe that true learning follows this same trajectory.  As I teach, whether it is at the piano, or in front of a classroom, I hope to generate and foster awareness in my students about the concepts we are exploring together. When we begin to develop awareness of a concept or idea, we begin to make it our own.  From that place of awareness, I feel that we are free to create, question, and search for bigger ideas. 

Each student deserves patience, care, and respect no matter their ethnicity, gender, ability, or sexual orientation.  I believe that each student has the capacity to learn no matter their age or prior ability. A student may say, “I’m tone deaf” or, “I can’t do math.”  These are fixed mind sets, but I know that the brain is a wondrous organ that has the capacity to change and learn.  I bring good humour, and a positive approach when helping each learner find success in their endeavours.

"David regularly reflected upon lessons taught with an aim to improving subsequent lessons. He engaged in continuous reflective professional practice and often sought constructive feedback and was always willing and eager to apply new ideas and suggestions to enhance his development as a teacher. He is a very flexible individual who will capitalize on any opportunity to enhance their skills."

 M.R. (Associate Teacher)