QR Codes

A QR code has the look of a random and meaningless black dots and lines, but with the use of a smartphone or tablet, information and digital content can be revealed and consumed.  QR codes can hold much more information than traditional bar codes.  This information can include url links, text, or even video and audio files. 

The Language Arts curriculum requires students in every grade level to develop their ability to understand and write from different points of view.  My colleague and I wrote this poem from the point of view of an emergency light.  It evolved into a rhyming poem.  A shorter medium such as poetry would lend itself very well to a QR code recording.  Connecting language arts to social studies, QR codes can give students additional ways to interact with their environment through the lens of place based education.  Students can begin to consider the relationship of their object with its environment 

Using a free application like Vocaroo allows you to make an audio recording and easily generate a QR code that can be printed or saved.

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