Historical Storytelling

Historical storytelling is a way that students can relate to a portion of their family history.  Students in Grade Two will be examining this topic in great depth through the lens of disciplinary thinking concepts such as cause and consequence, continuity and change, and significance.  Using video, students are able to tell an important story through an attractive medium.  As they begin to explore the details of their story, they would be encouraged to ask questions and make sense of how historical events had an effect on their family.  Additionally, when researching a facet of their family history, they will be interacting with a parent or elder in their family.  This can be one way to introduce how primary sources are important to research.  If family history is unavailable or is a sensitive topic, the activity could be easily modified from a family-centric focus to choosing an important figure from history.  

I created this video using Adobe Spark.  The online service was very easy to use and streamlined many formatting challenges.  Inserting text and photos was a seamless process and it was a simple task to record the text for each slide.  I performed and recorded a background music track which was inserted into the film without fuss.  This application is a great way to challenge students to combine visual and verbal texts to create a cohesive and compelling story.

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